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Detailed Design. Engineering Design. Master Planning. Landscape.

In order to fulfill the owner’s requirements as well as integrate the new facilities with the current Japanese like environment The requirements include sports facilities, leisure and entertainment facilities, in addition to greenhouse, flowers, herbs, planting and honey hives.

The first challenge is to avoid disturbing the Japanese garden environment by large masses of sports halls with such industrial look. The services such as washrooms and catering Stations will be supplied from the “garden arbor “.Shallow “water stream” is another feature of Japanese gardens that successfully integrated within the project.The streams are added along the rout of the hill at the bottom to define their shapes. Moreover, a “waterfall” supplying a controlled volume of water to the streams satisfies a main factor of the Japanese gardens which is the sound factor.

There is also a “wooden deck promenade” located along the main water channel so wood bridges, also known as “moon bridges”, are added to ensure the continuation of the walkway over water streams. An interesting component within the water stream bank is the large fish tank known as the “KOI pond” which is again a main feature in Japanese gardens.