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APG has been part of the engineering consultant services since 60’s providing new engineering trends in the middle east. It’s strategically located in MENA region, APG based in Abu Dhabi (headquarter) & operating through 8 certified offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Cairo, Alexandria, Riyadh, Jeddah, Al medinah. with more than 500 employees we were providing a wide range of A/E services. As we believe in sustainability, we have developed a new young generation of architects and engineers to lead and develop the practice to the next levels with fresh take ideas.

“ The legacy of APG is built around how we invest and mentor our people, they are the company assets. we are one big family with variant proficiencies and nationalities, we are dedicated to serve this real estate business and to drive the change in the worldwide architecture field. we had changed many cities images through our architecture as we believe in how the art of design can change the cities and people lifestyle. ”

Joined the group in 1974 & is nowadays the managing partner of APG
1970: Bachelor of Science, Dept. of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.
International Participation
– James Knowles International Construction Managers, UK.
– 1993: Seminar for Construction +Contractual Issues, Dubai.
– 1995: International Congress for Architecture of New Berlin.
– 1995: International Conference for Architecture for The Aga
Khan Award for Architecture Excellence.
– 1999: UIA Congress, Beijing.
– 2002: UIA Congress, Berlin.
– 2005: UIA Congress, Istanbul.
– 2008: UIA Congress, Turin.
Professional Memberships
Member, Society of Egyptian Engineers Member, United Arab
Emirates Society of Engineers

El Sayed Zakaria

Chairman & Managing Director 

With his profound & remarkable experience, Ahmed provides no less than quality & excellence in any participation for managing & planning projects during pre-construction stages.

Ahmed Hassan Omar

 Chairman & Managing Director 

“ The construction processes requires a complete understanding for the simplest technical detail in the design development process, through my 47 years of experience in APG, we have been able to build a school of design that masters the construction process ”

Originally from Cairo, Egypt, Mohamed Sharawy is a reputable leader and strategic developer. He is one of the founders of APG since 1988 & office director of Dubai, Al Ain, & KSA offices. With a total of 38 years of experience in architectural design assessment, project management, organization management & business development His reputation as an individual with a remarkable professional background is costantly growing while his wide spectrum of successful work covers our Architectural Design, Tender Analysis, Site Technical Supervision, Construction project management & contract arbitration, as well as elevating organizational performance through skillful innovative leadership.

Yasser Sharawy


“ we believe that the proficiency we delivers in our relation and communication with clients, fundamentally built our legacy through the last 47 years. we have been art driven in our design to deliver the best built up environment ”

“ As a young architect raised in APG international, I have been looking to take APG international to the next level where we can expand the business to offer new and more services to our prestigious clients and to sustain our APG years of experience , as the design innovation has no limits today and so we are. we dream and execute to drive the worldwide architecture & engineering fields to new era of limitless innovations ”

Mohamed Yousry Zakaria

Managing partner of API 



API is a versatile engineering company that introduces a fresh-take on consultancy firms by bringing innovative designs and dynamic approach to a market that specially suffice in The Middle East,- by providing new engineering trends. API is a versatile engineering company that introduced a fresh-take on consultancy firms by bringing innovative designs and dynamic approach to a market that specially suffice in The Middle East, by providing new engineering trends.

In the wings of APG international, API was built under the same division by offering wide range of services which include: architecture, master planning and interior designing. Site supervision was a key role to play in preventing accidents since we aim at the best. Typical supervisory functions include planning, on-site work process, aesthetic with visibility studies, animations, 3D models and landscape. Located in Egypt with more than 100 engineers with an exceptional experience, In Cairo, our first Egyptian office was created to handle upper management and design development which is set out for other projects and services. Our second office, is Alexandria design house, which was created to influence innovative designs across the Mediterranean region.


We are committed to our core values of excellence, reliability, innovation, creativity, and diversity. API was formed with the desire to leave behind a legacy of greatly improved places of work, living spaces, public buildings and open spaces. We recognized that the buildings and landscapes that we inhabit and experience, affect our everyday lives, affectthe way that we feel, and how we interact with our built environment. We want those experiences to be positive for individuals, society and organizations.

We are limitless
and the innovative destination.