Linx tower, a medium-rise building development in New Cairo in Egypt, is currently under construction. Linx is envisioned as a development which embraces the outdoors and creates a sense of community.


It’s designed to pop out with simplicity, yet, contemporary aesthetics, the linx office building is a medium-rise building wrapped in an innovative sliced screen, designed to respond for the environment & control abundant daylight.


The cube stands atop a rectangular glazed entrance & is crowned by a Canopy for the innovative roof monitors, added specifically for Interior daylight control.


The development comprises mid-rise towers of varying heights for optimized views and shading, which are pushed to the edges of the site to create a central plaza in between.


Besides the solid and void façade strategy to reflect the natural day lighting for the workspace daily use. These façades of towers are simple, enriched with a 3D graphic pattern, perfect for engaging with the lively plaza below and for embracing an outdoor lifestyle during the cooler months of the year.

Capriole School


Capriole, a 16,000.00 Sqm educational building development is currently under construction in the New Capital in Egypt, consisting of connected educational buildings: Kindergarten, Secondary School, Administration and Multi-purpose Hall, as the Lead Consultant.


Combining idealism with realism this project forms a hybrid of both city and landscape, and sets its main goal as teaching about the diversity and challenges of life.


Our Design combined Landscaped courtyards within the Educational blocks in order to create a proper learning environment for students as it will offer a variety of learning spaces that let students collaborate on projects that span various subjects.


Capriole School aims to redefine the educational system to better reflect the experiences of real life. The purpose is to create an environment which brings together life’s excitement, beauty and challenges, also making students aware of the struggles involved in the real world.


The answer to this is to create a school which combines idealism with realism; which sits somewhere between a city and a landscape; and that teaches of the diversity of life.


The scheme combines the simple ideals of learning, living and landscape to bring all the most important ingredients together in the most vivid of manners.