APG is recently ranking #115 in the ENGINEERING NEWS-RECORD (ENR)

APG is recently ranking #115 in the


Engineering News-Record (widely known as ENR) is an American weekly magazine that provides news, analysis and opinion for the construction industry worldwide.


Engineering News-Record compiles and publishes rankings of the largest construction and engineering firms annually, measured by gross revenues.


ENR annually ranks the largest contractors and design firms in the U.S. and internationally. Its “construction economics” section covers the cost fluctuations.


It issues all updates regarding the construction industry & launches different lists that honor the best firms on a yearly basis. Fortunately, APG has been consistently present within the top 225 international firms list for the past 5 years.


This year, we are ranked 132 for profiling diverse projects that serve the construction industry with integrity as we continuously develop our mission to keep up with the pace of future changes in the Engineering field.


ENR also covers the construction industry’s financial, legal, regulatory, safety, environmental, management, corporate and labor issues.


It attempts to bring structure to an otherwise huge and chaotic construction industry by performing annual surveys of its key segments, and ranking companies engaged in general contracting, specialty contracting, engineering, architecture and environmental services, among other specialties.